Dick Gann

It was a 1990s theme ceremony that peaked Dick’s interest in weddings…, there was just something about the western clothes, boots, and dance hall dresses that made him know each wedding should be unique.

Whether you seek a non-religious, theme, or traditional ceremony, Dick will work to make it individualized to your unique life and personalities.

John Gann

John started in weddings at the young age of 12! Since then he's sung, coordinated, or performed at hundreds of wedding ceremonies. John is an ordained minister and works full-time at a local church. His ceremonies are always geared to the situation at hand and he's ready for anything you can throw at him!

Grant Gann

It all started with a close friend, then another, and a trip to Mexico, and another friend, and there was Oklahoma, and another trip to Mexico…, and now Grant is in W. Virginia for a couple of years, and ready to make new friends as he officiates there. Plan is to be back in North Texas 2016.